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I am a  marketing professional with a focus on graphic design and event planning.  I am always looking to do what I do best: craft designs fueled by passion, creativity, and an affinity for the visual world around us. I have had the opportunity to apply my skills to several industries, picking up new tidbits of knowledge every step of the way. I developed a love for event planning in college and have had the wonderful opportunity to plan and work many events across the country since then. It is truly hard to beat the feeling of seeing everything come together after the process of planning an event!

I began using Corel Draw for my school projects in the third grade. This aptitude for a creative program at such a young age has translated to a quick understanding of the varying software I have come across in my career. Nowadays, I prefer Adobe Creative Cloud.

My writing ability makes me stand out from the crowd. Not only do I have a thorough understanding of how to make the graphic design look great, but I can also write the copy. I have been blessed with teachers and mentors who have echoed the importance of this skill in any field.

In December 2011, I graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi from Berry College with a Bachelor’s Degree in visual communication and a minor in business with a focus on marketing.

Despite my many opportunities in the classroom, the real aspect of my college experience that set Berry College apart from the rest was the school’s outstanding work-study program. Through the many student work positions I held on campus I was able to gain real experience in graphic design, marketing, leadership, teamwork and communication before I put on that cap and gown.

Since college, I have had many incredible experiences that have continued to shape the person I am today. A move to New York following graduation led to the opportunity to hold several temporary positions both in New York City and in Westchester County. After returning to my home state of Georgia, I soon began working at Advanced Distributor Products where I have since worked as Marketing Communications & Events Specialist. I have grown and strived in this position; taking every opportunity to learn and grow as a marketing and events professional.

Everything else you should know about me

I was born and raised in Georgia, which means I tend to say ‘y’all’ a lot, I believe in hand-written thank you notes, and that more than 3 inches of snow is a blizzard. When the opportunity arose to move to New York after graduating I took it. I lived a short train ride away from Manhattan for about two years. I moved back to Georgia with fond memories of New York and excitement to be back home!  I love Starbucks and hate that I am that person with the long order full of jargon. (The move to New York only made this worse!)

I have a do-it-yourself attitude and  the tendency to say “oh I could make that” when shopping. You tend to have that attitude when you grow up in a house where hiring someone else to paint the walls or build a fence is unheard of.

Finally, I have a weakness for weddings. I love fashion, interior design, stationery, food, and photography. Basically, weddings cover all of these things in one beautiful event! What’s not to love?