by Winnie

A/N: The Magnificent Seven, The Firm AU. Written in response to Rhonda’s challenge on the Het list. Using the sentence “Shut up and kiss me”

“Sarah, I’m so sorry…”


“Shut up and kiss me!” Sarah Larabee told her husband as he stepped through the door and began to explain why he was so late. The blond had promised to be home in time to celebrate their anniversary, but when he hadn’t turned up by seven she grew worried and began phoning the other members of The Firm. Buck had been the first one she contacted and only because he’d been trying to call her. He explained that Chris had been involved in a car accident and that he’d saved a woman and her infant baby from the flames. Chris had suffered only minor injuries including bruised ribs and a small cut above his right eye. He’d spent a little over an hour in the ER and was not allowed to drive himself home. He’d called Wilmington and his long time friend had immediately come for him.


“Seeing you two like that makes me want to get married,” Wilmington said from the doorway.


“Thank you for bringing him home, Buck,” Sarah said as she hugged the blue-eyed man.


“You’re welcome. I’ll leave you to him. Unless you need me to help you with today’s hero!”


“Ain’t no hero,” Larabee said and clung to his wife’s body.


“That’s not what the woman said, Pard. Where’s Adam?”


“He’s staying with Madonna for the night.”


“Thanks for the ride home, Buck. I’ll call if we need anything.”


“Sure you will. Anyway, Happy anniversary you two and Sarah ya know where I am if he doesn’t…”


“Say it Buck and you’ll find a whole new meaning to the word jackass!” Larabee said with a hint of a smile.


“Damn…guess I’ll be going. Oh, Sarah, the doc said not to let him drink anything stronger than beer…root beer!”


Larabee growled, but Sarah smiled. She knew there was no way Chris was getting any alcohol after a head injury and she nodded as the moustached man closed the door. She turned to her husband and looked deep into his sea green eyes.


“I’m sorry…”


“Don’t you dare tell me you’re sorry, Chris Larabee!” Sarah warned as she placed a trembling hand over his mouth. “You saved those two people!”


“I ruined our plans,” Larabee moaned and leaned down to place a kiss on her upturned mouth.


“No, Love, you haven’t. Come to bed and let me take care of you.” Sarah took her husband by the hand and led him towards the living room. The warm, familiar smell of the fireplace made him smile as he looked at the fur blanket spread in front of it. Soft pillows were laid all around the edges and candles flicker in several holders around the tables.




“Sh, let me help you out of your clothes,” the Irish woman said and reached for the buttons on the shirt he wore. She knew it had to be one of Wilmington’s because here was no smell of smoke and no discoloration caused by blood. The clean scent told her he’d taken a shower at the hospital before coming home to her.


Chris swallowed as his wife’s fingers made contact with his skin and she smiled seductively as she eased the material off his shoulders and heard the whisper soft sound as it dropped to the floor at his feet. Neither spoke as Sarah slowly, with painstaking care removed the belt from his jeans and then released the button that kept the tight jeans secure around his waist. She eased the Levi’s down and knelt before him as their eyes met.


“God created Eve…but his real miracle was when he made you,” Larabee said as he saw the unconditional love in her eyes.


“I love you Chris.” Sarah said as she continued to remove the clothing from the man standing before her.


“I love you too, Sarah, I always will.” Standing naked before his wife was something Chris had done many times, but never before had he realized the true gift of her love. He pulled her to her feet and reached for the zipper of the clinging sky blue sundress. He heard her sigh as the material slowly slid down her body revealing ivory skin with just a hint of a tan. She wore nothing underneath and he reached for her, but her hands pressed against his chest to stop him.


“No, Chris, You can’t lift me tonight…not with those ribs…”


“I’m fine, Sarah…”


“No, you’re not and if you don’t do as I say I will turn into Nurse Larabee and I believe you know how stern she can be. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Larabee said with a grin.


“Good, now let’s make ourselves comfortable, shall we?” She eased him down on the soft pile of plush blankets and pillows and before he could react, Sarah Larabee began to love her husband as only a woman who felt herself truly blessed could. Her mouth took his firmly, pressing tightly and nipping at his upper lip as a soft groan escaped his throat.


“Oh, Chris, did I hurt you?”


“No…God no,” Chris whispered and pulled her towards him as they lay nestled within the pillows.


“You will tell me if I do!” She asked as she again kissed his lips.


“Hmm, you’re beautiful,” Larabee whispered as her tongue slipped past his lips and explored his mouth.


Sarah smiled as she began her worship of the lean body she loved so much. The fingers of her right hand lightly danced across his chest, gently caressing his nipples as they hardened beneath her touch. She felt him reaching for her but pushed his hands away as she shook her head.


“Let me love you, Chris,” Sarah said and saw the heat of hunger in his eyes. “I promise you won’t be disappointed.”


“You could never disappoint me, Sarah.” Larabee said and felt her slide down his body until her legs straddled his hips and her long tresses cascaded over her shoulders and covered her breasts.


She felt him tremble beneath her touch and smiled at the reaction she received for her wanton behavior. She ran her tongue along her lips and leaned down to kiss him and felt the fire ignite as her nipples touched against his chest. Her hands ran the length of his arms, gently touching every inch of his skin and igniting the heat of lovers who not only needed, but also wanted their love to be forever. Tonight was for them, an anniversary and a celebration of life.


Chris sighed as she again lavished his body with her tongue and sighed as his wife’s attentions stirred his cock to life, bringing the heat of desire to his groin and making him forget the aches and pains that had threatened to ruin this night of wonderful passion. He gasped as her body slid further down and she used her lips to make a trail along his taut stomach and ringing his navel with her tongue. He wanted to be inside her, but he also wanted her to continue what she was doing to him…for him. He knew he was lost when her mouth covered his shaft and her left hand encircled his balls, teasing them and rolling them gently between her fingers.


“Sa…Sarah…” He cried as she released his cock and ran her tongue the length of his cock, teasing the tip even as the first glistening drops of precum escaped from his penis and moistened her lips.


“I need you, Chris…Do you want to be inside me?”


“Yes…yes…God yes,” Larabee moaned and reached for her once more.


“Not yet, Love…”


“I don’t think I can last much l…longer,” Larabee gasped as he felt her take his balls into her mouth and knew he would never know a greater love than what he felt for the woman who played his body with a will of her own. She knew just how to bring him to the brink and hold him there until they were both ready to plummet over the edge and explode with the force of their lovemaking.


“Not much longer, Chris,” Sarah promised as she released his balls and moved into position above him. She knew her own body was ready to accept him deep inside her and she felt his shaft touch against her as she positioned herself above him. She waited for him to look directly into her eyes before lowering herself onto his cock. She cried out in delicious excitement as his thick shaft buried itself deep inside her. She heard him gasp and for a second thought she’d hurt him, but his hips began to move and they developed a rhythm that would soon bring them the sexual release they both craved.


“So warm…so tight…” Larabee whispered huskily as again and again he drove his cock forward.




“I know,” Larabee said breathlessly. He knew he was nearing the point of no return, but did not want to come until his wife was ready to join him. He heard her breath coming in panting gasps and knew they were both at the edge. With deep thrusts he knew they were both ready and cried out as his semen shot into his wife’s body and felt her tremble as her own body reached its orgasm.


“Oh, Love, tell me it’ll always be this good,” Sarah asked.


“Hell yeah…always and forever,” he promised and felt her pull away. “Going somewhere?”


“I don’t want to hurt you…”


“You’re not,” Larabee said, but he felt her move until she was lying beside him.


“You always were a lousy liar, Chris,” Sarah told him as she leaned on one of the pillows and gazed deep into his eyes once more.


“I’m fine really, Sarah,” he assured her.


“Chris, it’s not working…I’m a nurse…I know when you’re in pain and when you’re…”


“Sarah, honey…”




“Shut up and kiss me…”



The End





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