by Maggie LeMay

A/N: The Magnificent Seven, ATF AU.

The elevator lurched to a sudden stop. He reached for his cell, intending to call maintenance and inform them of the problem.


He was unaware she had intentionally pressed the stop button.


Twining her hands in his blond hair, she jerked his head backwards. Her small, pink tongue ran along the strong column of his muscular neck as she pressed close against him.




"No words." The command was short and to the point.


Buttons flew around the elevator car as she removed his dress shirt, leaving the tie still knotted around his collar. Pushing the garment aside as if offended her, she moved slowly down his chest with her lips, stopping only when her mouth met the coldness of the silver buckle he wore.


A wicked gleam in her eye, she worked the buckle loose and undid the fasteners to his jeans before pushing them off his hips to puddle around his boots.




"Shut up." She grinned at the leader of Team Seven, disheveled and flushed, and thought she had never seen a sexier sight in her life. Back to business.


Lifting his manhood in her hand, she looked up at the man and licked her lips before closing them around his member. A strangled groan escaped his throat and he leaned back against the wall of the elevator.


He held on to the bar behind him with a white-knuckled grip, pleasure coursing through him. The contrast of her soft mouth and rough, kitten-like tongue interspersed with the occasional nip from her teeth were bringing him dangerously close to losing control.


But Chris Larabee didn't lose control.


Until now.


And then it was over. As if by magic his pants were back in place, zippers zipped, buckles buckled, his shirt tucked back in neatly. Missing a few buttons, but neatly tucked.


The elevator jerked into motion once again. Taking a deep breath, he chanced a glance at the woman standing beside him. That small pink tongue ran across her bottom lip just as the doors opened. He almost moaned.


As she exited the elevator she called a greeting to him.


Chris smiled as he replied, "You have a nice day as well, Your Honor."


The End





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© Maggie LeMay 2009