by Kathy M



A/N: ATF AU. Featuring Buck with JD and Chris.


 “What was that all about,” asked JD as he heard Buck say goodbye and hang up the phone.

Buck was wearing his goofy happy smile that lit up his eyes. “You remember Louisa? She’s going to be in town for a whole week and wants to spend every night with me.”

“I think I remember her. She’s that lady who works for some high up government guy that doesn’t like me, right?”

Buck sighed. “It’s not that she doesn’t like you. I think it’s because she’s an only child that she doesn’t understand large families and brothers, and why I let you live here or why I spend so much time with people I work with.”

JD smiled, it always made him feel all warm inside when Buck called him his brother like that. “Yep, the high maintenance one who doesn’t like me. No problem, I’ll stay at Casey’s or Vin’s."

~ * ~ * M7ATF * ~ *~

Saturday Afternoon

“JD, you remember this is the week Louisa’s going to be in town?” reminded Buck.

“Oh right, that’s this week. No worries, I’ll probably stay with Casey.”

“You don’t need to every night, this is your home too, but I promised her a home cooked meal Sunday night. I’m picking her up late afternoon from the airport and since she eats out so much with all the travelling she does I promised to wine and dine her here our first night.”

Buck visibly relaxed when JD smiled his wide grin at him, “No prob, Bro, I totally understand. You don’t have the time off work though, do you?”

“No, she’s here for work and is busy everyday so we plan to spend as much time as we can together every evening, oh yeah this is going to be one great week!”

Sunday Evening

Buck Wilmington was happy. Sure he usually was but tonight he was very happy. Things were going so well with Louisa Perkins. There was something about her that he just could never get enough of, and he thought maybe, just maybe, she was the one. Right now he couldn’t think of anyone else
but her and wanting to spend every available minute of every day forever with her. He had never really felt this way with anyone else, sure there were many times that he thought he was falling in love, but never quite like this. Was this how Chris had felt with Sarah?

The day had gone so well. He’d picked her up at the airport and he was sure the rest of the people there must have been able to see the sparks flying when they had spied each other and hugged, and oh the kisses! Then they got her checked into her hotel, a bit of a delay as they checked out the bed for a bit of afternoon delight, then a lovely walk around the park before coming over here.

He might not be a gourmet chef but one thing his mama had taught him was that you better be able to make at least one decent dinner to impress a lady and over the years he’d managed to learn how to prepare a few easy, but very good dishes guaranteed to impress. He’d gone Italian tonight. Women seemed to appreciate a theme and he started with crackers and antipasto, followed by salad, garlic toast and a pasta dish that was easy to make yet tasted fancy. Sauté fresh garlic in both olive oil and some herb flavored butter then melt in cream cheese, add white wine, then add some chopped up ham, frozen peas and cooked shrimp. Then sprinkle with chopped cilantro and green onions and serve with a decent Italian wine. Louisa sat on a bar stool at the kitchen island watching him cook and their conversation was so relaxed and natural that Buck could imagine this on a daily basis. Buck rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher while they sipped on their wine. He had bought tiramisu for dessert and asked Louisa whether she wanted dessert now or later, and she had winked at him suggestively saying she wanted dessert now and later. Grinning widely he had taken her by the hand and was leading her upstairs to his bedroom when the front door flew open and JD rushed in, slamming the door behind him then practically running to his room.

Frowning Buck deposited Louisa on his bed, kissed her soundly and promised to be right back then raced downstairs and into JD’s room without even knocking.

“What are you doing here?” Buck asked the younger man who sat at the edge of his bed, slightly bent over, arms across his middle.

“Had a fight with Casey and don’t feel so good,” he mumbled then looked up at Buck. “Oh, shit, sorry, forgot ‘bout Louisa. I’ll call Vin.”

Frowning Buck checked his forehead. “You feel a bit warm and sweaty. Any other symptoms?”

“Stomachache, might be all the hotdogs I ate at the park today with Vin, or maybe the clam chowder I had at dinner with Casey. You know that café near the University that she likes? The sign said made fresh daily but it tasted off to me and when I said that to Casey she got all mad at me about how not everyone can go to expensive places like government workers do. Oh no,” blurted JD as he raced out of his bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom.

After vomiting a second time JD flushed then slumped back against the wall clutching his stomach. He heard voices then the front door opening and closing. He looked up when the bathroom door opened to see Buck walk in, wet a washcloth and hand it to him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin your evening, I can still go to Vin’s or just stay in my room. You won’t hear a peep out of me, I promise.”

“Not a big deal,” replied the larger man as he squatted down, retrievedthe washcloth from JD’s lax fingers, rewet it and wiped the younger man’s face. “She said she understood that I wouldn’t want to leave you alone so I called a taxi for her.”

“Sure sounded to me like she minded,” commented JD.

“Well she said she didn’t,” frowned Buck looking worried. “We still have the rest of the week left so don’t worry about it. Now do you feel like getting up or do you want to sit here a bit. I can make that ginger tea Nathan left here or get you some Sprite or Gatorade?”

Monday Evening

Buck and Louisa enjoyed a lovely dinner at a quaint bistro that Ezra recommended then attended a ballet performance Louisa had tickets for. This modern ballet style’s not bad at all Buck decided. He easily followed the story and it wasn’t boring like that classical stuff, after all he did watch Dancing with the Stars sometimes didn’t he? Actually the skimpy outfits were an added bonus, nope there was not going to be any teasing about going to the ballet, he was going to recommend it to the other guys. Hah, let’s see what they have to say about that, he smiled to himself, then grinned widely when Louisa suggested they skip the after theatre drink idea and head straight for her hotel room. They chatted amiably for the short drive, yes; they were getting along so very well, and with only two more blocks to go she put her hand on his leg and started running her hand slowly up and down his thigh. Eyes on the road Wilmington! Oh no, what’s this ahead, oh why now? He quickly brought the vehicle to a stop, handed Louisa his cell phone, “call 911, tell them it’s a suspected carjacking, corner of Walton and 14th.”

Pulling his gun Buck walked behind a parked van then stepped out right behind a young man holding a gun on a woman in a small sedan. In seconds he had the man disarmed, handcuffed and lying face down on the sidewalk, his right hand holding his gun still on the perp and his left arm holding his badge and the sobbing almost-carjack victim. It wasn’t long before DPD showed up and Buck was able to explain the situation and hand off the prisoner and the young lady, promising to come in and give his statement in the morning. As he headed back to his truck a young police office intercepted him.

“She said to tell you it was getting late so she walked back to the hotel and she’ll call you tomorrow.”

Disappointed Buck thanked him and headed home, alone. At least they still had the rest of the week left.

Tuesday Evening

Telling Buck she didn’t want to take the chance of any distractions, that she wanted to keep her knight in shining armor all to herself Louisa suggested room service to which Buck eagerly agreed. Louisa’s deluxe hotel suite even had an intimate dining area with a wonderful view of the city and since the hotel boasted one of Denver’s finest restaurants the room service dinner was superb. Once again they both enjoyed the food, a glass of fine wine, interesting conversation and each other’s company. Feeling truly relaxed and looking forward to their idea of dessert, and the rest of the evening and night together, Buck was totally dismayed when his cell phone rang.

“Sorry, Darlin, you know I have to answer this, they wouldn’t be callingunless it was urgent,” frowning as he recognized Ezra’s current undercover number he growled a generic ‘hello’.

“Mr. Walker, sorry if I’m interrupting you, and I apologize for not booking in advance, however, I find myself in urgent need of your services tonight,” said Ezra speaking in the clipped tone voice he used to disguise his southern accent when undercover. Buck had been acting as Ezra’s chauffeur/bodyguard for their current case. Obviously things were moving faster than anticipated if Standish had some sort of unscheduled meet happening, so Buck made his apologies, kissed her long and deep, and promising to make it up to her he rushed out.

Wednesday Evening

Things went so well at Standish’s impromptu meeting that the buy was moved up to the next day so Wednesday evening was the night of the big bust they had been waiting for. Buck had no chance at all to see Louisa, only managing to fit in one quick call to let her know the new situation, and promising to come to the hotel afterwards if possible. The bust was extremely successful, no injuries, lots of high-powered weapons confiscated along with the dealers they were after. Buck called Louisa afterwards telling her everything went great and it would only take him about an hour to finish up and get to her hotel. She said it was already late, tomorrow was another work day for her and since she had an important presentation to make in the morning that as much as she really wanted to see him again it just wasn’t going to work tonight so they made plans to meet right after work the next day.


To celebrate a successful bust the team always headed for their favorite watering hole, The Saloon. It was tradition and surprising even himself Buck had convinced Louisa to join them in order to get to know his friends better. Things were going well; she seemed to have enjoyed her conversations with Ezra and Josiah although she frowned often at Vin and JD’s antics such as tossing pretzels into each other’s mouth.

Buck was on his way to the bar to get another pitcher of beer, and another glass of wine for Louisa when he heard Inez loudly asking someone to leave her alone. Slapping the empty pitcher on the bar Buck got right in the other man’s face telling him in no uncertain words to leave Inez the hell alone. The man took exception to this and a small scuffle ensued. As the man’s three friends stood up to come to his aid Josiah and the rest of ATF team seven also stood up. Taking one look at the size and glaring demeanors of the men outnumbering them the three men grabbed their obnoxious drunk friend, threw some money on their table and quicklyvacated the premises. Buck turned towards Inez, and attempted to calm down her ‘I was handling it myself and didn’t need you’ argument with his usual sweet talking charm that, for some unfathomable reason, was once again totally ineffective on the spirited senorita. Finally Buck moseyed back to the team’s table.

“Where’s Louisa?” Buck asked JD.

“Um, she’s gone.”

“What? How? Why?”

“Ezra took her.” At Buck’s deep scowl JD rushed to defend Standish. “I don’t think he wanted to but she asked him and he wouldn’t say no to a lady. She said to tell you that, unlike tonight, you better have time for her tomorrow night, something about some gala thing.”

Friday Night

The closing event of the week’s conference was a gala evening and Buck was attending as Louisa’s guest. Chris had been volun-talked into attending by Orin and his wife so was accompanying Mary who was also attending. As much as Chris detested the mingling and networking that Mary thrived on Buck seemed to enjoy it. The gregarious man’s easy, friendly nature and notorious flirting had him leaving a trail of smiling woman in his wake as he worked the room with Louisa. While she visited the restroom Buck sought out Chris.

“This isn’t as bad as you make it out to be,” commented Buck smiling at a brunette walking by and receiving a smile and a wink in reply.

“Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself, personally I can’t wait to get out of here, and I’m telling you right now it’s going to be a long time before I get talked into attending anything like this that is not mandatory.”

“I think I’m pretty good at this, what do you call it, schmoozing, nope, can’t say that I mind this at all, which is a good thing since I just might be going to a whole lot more of these shindigs.”

“What? You said Louisa’s leaving this weekend. Is she staying longer or are you already planning a trip out to see her?”

“Actually, she’s asked me to move back East with her, says she can get me a good job, security or something, making a lot more money than I do here, and we’d be travelling together.”

Chris stared thoughtfully at his oldest friend. “You’re seriously thinking of going, aren’t you? Our resident Romeo off the market? The local lothario thinking of settling down with only one woman? Seriously Buck, you really think she’s the one?”

“Maybe, everything just feels right when we’re together. I’ve never felt this way before. I don’t want to leave the team but I’ve got to give this a chance, see what happens.”

“Women’s hearts all over Denver are breaking!” Chris grinned and smacked Buck on the shoulder, then his face took on a more serious look. “Don’t worry about the team; you’ve got to do what’s best for you. I understand. I know what it’s like. If she really makes you happy then we’ll all be happy for you. Uh oh, here comes Louisa, and she doesn’t look very happy.”

“So this is where you are,“ Louisa huffed, frowning at Chris as if it was his fault she had to walk across the room to find Buck.

“Yeah, just visiting with Chris for a minute,” replied Buck

“Don’t be stupid! You can visit with him anytime, I expected you to be where I left you, now come on, we should talk with the Parkers before they leave,” and she turned on her heel obviously expecting Buck to follow.

Buck stood there frowning after her until Chris laughed and told him he better catch up with her like a perfect little trophy ‘wife’, that he just needed to smile and look pretty, be ‘arm candy.’ Buck scowled at Chris earning him another laugh then hurried to catch up with Louisa. He hoped they could leave soon, he had some other ideas for the rest of the evening, but somehow he wouldn’t be surprised to find that Louisa would feel obligated to stay to the end. Hope she’s not too tired, he sighed. Atleast they didn’t have to work tomorrow and could spend most of the day together before she had to catch her flight home.

Saturday late afternoon

JD looked up anxiously when Buck walked into their home.

“What’re you doing here, Squirt? You feeling ok? I thought you had plans with Vin? ”

“I’m fine. We tried out that new rock climbing wall, it was great,”replied JD. “So how’d things go? I know you planned a great week together with Louisa, and it was important to you to get to know each other better, to see if you were going to take things further. Vin said that Chris said that she asked you to move back East with her, and um, I just been waiting to ask, so, have you decided? Are you going?”

“What a week, it felt like the universe was conspiring against us,” sighed Buck.

“Sure seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong,” agreed JD.

“I think maybe, that everything went right. I’m not going, I decided that right now everything I need is right here,” the big man said grabbing JD in a headlock and giving him a noogie.

“Ouch, quit it,” squirmed the youth, wriggling to get out.

“Besides,” laughed Buck, “if I leave who’s going to teach you all about women? You still got a lot to learn, and I’m just the guy to teach you. Not to mention all those women out there that would be heart-broke if ole Buck-aroo was off the market, things could get downright ugly, and you know how I hate ugly.”

JD finally squeezed out of the headlock and bounced out of reach. “You are so full of crap,” he said grinning widely.

The End




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