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Welcome to the Adult Ficton Archive of my site! These stories are for mature readers only (18 years of age or older.) If you aren't at least 18, I'm gonna ask you to turn 'round, pard, and head on outta here! If you are, please settle in for some fine readin'!


ANKLE DEEP (ATF AU) by Jordan McKenzie- An argument results in a night of passion and leads to a discovery neither combatant expects.

CAT AND MOUSE (ATF AU) by Maggie LeMay- Ezra goes undercover on what appears to be a routine assignment but ends up in the middle of a deadly game of revenge.

CONTROL (ATF AU) by Sarah- It's all about control.... or the loss thereof.

COURTING LOCARD (ATF AU) by Jordan McKenzie-  From principle to passion. Who knew science could be so... très stimulant?

DALLIANCE (ATF AU) by Sue M- JD gets to 'sow his wild oats.'

DEADLY OBSESSION (THE FIRM AU)  Winnie - This story deals with the deaths of Sarah and Adam and the repercussions that follow.

JUST DESSERTS by Maggie LeMay- Ezra helps himself to dessert.

JUSTICE IS SERVED (ATF AU) by Maggie- Justice is best served... in an elevator?

SHUT UP AND KISS ME (The Firm AU) by Winnie- Written in response to Rhonda’s challenge on the Het list. Using the sentence “Shut up and kiss me”

UNFORGETTABLE (The Firm AU) by Winnie- Chris remembers his and Sarah's first anniversary.


A HEALING LOVE (ATF AU/SLASH) by Roxy and Jamie- Buck and Vin. After suffering a traumatic, physical attack, a true and healing love helps Vin to recovery.

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